Build a Custom Home in Texas Hill Country


Custom Home Building in Texas Hill Country

There's nothing quite like having something that's uniquely yours. Designed by you to suit your lifestyle and needs, custom-built designs cater to your every need. If you've fantasized about your dream home, it's time to make your vision a reality with Hearthside Homes. 

Benefits of Having Your Home Custom-Built

There's nothing worse than spending your hard-earned money on a property that doesn't feel like your own. Whether you have a particular open concept layout in mind for your dream house or a master bedroom designed just the way you like, custom-built homes are made to last. You don't have to worry about expensive renovations down the road because your Hill Country home is already perfect for you.

What Can You Customize in Your Custom-Built Texas Hill Country Home?

There are countless things you can customize in your custom-built Texas home. From light fixtures to exterior materials (such as brick, stucco and stone) to interior colors, you're in charge of designing your home from the inside out.

Examples of the Many Features in Hearthside Homes’ Custom-Built Homes

Not sure what the outcome would look like? Check out our portfolio of homes we've designed. From luxury living rooms to spacious bathrooms, we go above and beyond to provide our trusted customers with their dream homes. 

From start to finish, our team will involve you in the custom home building process. We will carry out a professional in-person site assessment to ensure your architecturally designed floor plans work with the land and setting you've chosen. We'll then carry out a Category 1A Land Title Survey to ensure we don't run into any surprises along the way. 

We'll then deliver a designed preliminary floor plan and exterior and interior 3D renders for you to show your friends and family. We'll draw up the final costs and, once approved, get to work on the construction process.

Why Choose Hearthside Homes as Your Custom Home Builder?

With 37 years of experience, our family-run business spans across 2 generations from father to son. We've got a groundbreaking team of experts who genuinely enjoy providing people with custom-built homes just for them. From the initial design process to the construction stage to that final site visit, we're with you every step of the way. We're not into doing things halfway. With Hearthside Homes, you can rest assured that every job is done right. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you achieve your dream home in the Texas Hill Country.